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Published Sun 13 January 2008

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An open call for tech bloggers

This year, one of my big plans is to start a tech blog. I may not be fully prepared yet, but I'm starting the ball rolling. I have a domain, so the next step is to gather some writers!

The plan is to create an Australian tech blog which will report on web and tech news, ideally with a local focus. Something like a cross between TechCrunch and Gizmodo. At the moment there's not much of a local voice for Aussie web startups, and it's hard to find local tech news that isn't covered by Whirlpool. We could fill that niche. Of course, Australia isn't the biggest market, which is why blogs which start with a local focus often struggle to gain much traction. But we could give it a go. I believe that there's a chance to be the Australian tech blog.

And if nothing big happens, then everyone walks away with a bit more experience. Not such a bad thing.

So I guess I'm looking for enthusiastic bloggers who want to take a chance at making a splash locally. You must be able to blog at least once at week, and the aim is to get 4 or 5 bloggers, so that we have at least one update a day.

Who's with me?

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