Hello. I'm a web developer in Melbourne, Australia.

I like to make web and mobile apps. I once wrote a post about the use of PHP frameworks that lots of people read.

I do front-end development using things like HTML5, jQuery, and responsive design.

For back-end development I like a bit of Python and Django, but I also use PHP if I really have to.

I also write mobile apps in HTML, and dabble in native Android apps too.

I am joshsharp on twitter and also on LinkedIn.

My things


Web application development.

If you'd like to enlist my services, contact me here.

Hello Code

My current startup.

We're building something, but it's a secret.

Icefloe for Django

Dead simple exception logging.

Integrate and log all your exceptions with no effort.

Bootstrap themes

Website themes built on Bootstrap.

View and purchase my themes. Fully responsive.


Side project, sold off.

A social music service for sharing the songs you love.


Backup your tweets.

A free service to archive your tweets, which exports lovely PDFs.