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Published Sat 29 December 2007

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Whole minutes of fun: Web App Generator

Make a Web App

Merry Christmas and happy New Year everyone. I have a late Christmas present for you all. Like the remote controlled car you got when you were six, the fun in this little present will only last until your attention span runs out. But hey, it's the thought that counts, right?

So without further ado, I present to you Make a Web App 2.0 beta. It was made partly as a joke, and partly to see if I could find any interesting combinations that would yield a decent idea. That has yet to happen, but I invite you all to have a play and contribute something to the list if it tickles your fancy.

I plan to add some more features to it, such as the ability to drag and drop some visual web app 'parts' to create an idea, but for now it's just text-based and random.

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